⚙️ Windows drivers development

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Categories: IT XP

Driver design and development in C, C++ with DDK.


SageX Project (permanent assignment) In charge of supporting an IP and X25 network supervision product.

  • Technical support: on-line issues solving.
  • Repairing and configuring IP/X25 gateways.

WHQL tests: Passing Microsoft test certificate on DTM Studio.

Driver design and development in C, C++ with DDK:

  • Private Partition Project: Design of a system to allow the use of a hard disk part as an independent hard disk displayable or not.
  • File Recovery Project: Design and programming algorithms improvement to recover deleted files in FAT and NTFS.
  • Drive PDF Project: Virtual PDF printer based on Windows postscript printer driver describe in the DDK, and GohstScript. Installation made with Installshield.
  • Video acquisition Driver. WDM (Windows Driver Model) Architecture from WDK. Layer used by a library to fill buffer with data in isochronous mode.
  • Printer Port Monitor: Both USB and Serial Printer, the Port monitor, check for a printer and display an interface to allow a user to configure the port. Status feedback to inform Windows printer spooler.

Technical environnement

  • PC Windows XP, Sniffer USB,
  • Windows NT, XP, Vista, Unix HPUX. USB, RS232, systèmes de fichier NTFS FAT32
  • C, WDK
  • Visual C++, SVN, Redmine, Installshield