⛓️ Fullstack / devops engineer for OKP4

26 months 116 words

OKP4 develops a layer one cosmos blockchain that aims to facilitate data exchange by rewarding the actors involved in knowledge creation by giving then a governance mechanisms. Alongside the development of this protocol, there's some gravitating projects related to data science, data sharing gouvernance and BI in agriculture and logistics.



  • Docker compose deployments
  • Kubernetes manifests
  • Github workflow to build, lint and publish various projects in Python, R, Go, Kotlin, React...


  • Tweak some Prometheus exporters in Go
  • Kibana plugin to display geometry polygons on a map
  • Discord bot functionalities in Rust
  • Github action to automatically follow contributors
  • QGIS scripts
  • Scripts that generate wallets and affect instantiated Stargaze NFTs