🌱 🇨🇵 Web developer for the French ministry of agriculture

12 months 90 words

Categories: IT XP

Development from scratch of a web application helping state employees to instruct files regarding the management of private forests.

  • Agile team and project setup: 3 product owners 4 developers.
  • Development with Orion framework which is an overlayer of Spring.
  • Development of java agents to recover data from a third-party organism. Management of the interface: XSD format.


  • Scrum project.
  • Windows 7, NetBeans, Eclipse.
  • Glassfish, tomcat servers
  • Linux servers, JMX application, Camel agent
  • Java J2E, Maven, Spring, hibernate
  • Junit
  • Xsd, xml, JaxB
  • Geographic layer display: Gml, Geoserver.
  • Postgres
  • SVN