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15 months 220 words

This mission is mainly related to the management of documentation embedded in Air France aircrafts.

ACDC Projet

Solution to monitor EFB (Electronic Flight Bag: aircraft embedded tablet) • Springboot backend • Angular frontend • EFB embedded software in NodeJs • Everything communicating with websocket • CI (continuous integration) configuration with Bamboo and Nexus

LoaderBoard Projet

Loaders are windows 7 PC laptops used to update documents and tools of embedded EFBs. Loaderboard is a PC application to manage a fleet of loaders. Electron framework allowing to access system PC libraries using Angular 4. PO (product owner) and developer.


This project is an interface with ACARS messages (message format use to communicate with aircrafts) it allows to exploit flight data. • Java agent that parse and compile ACARS messages and send a report to a fuel consumption tool. • Interface avec KLM (Netherland) • Real TDD Development! (Test Driven Development.)


EFB Document management system for various aircraft types. Consists of a web application, java agents and Loaders. • Development • Redesigns following DDD Domain Driven Design paradigm. • Improvement and performance studies. • C# Scripts for the loaders.


  • Windows 7,
  • Eclipse, IntelliJ, Webstorm
  • Servers d’application tomcat.
  • Server linux
  • Java J2E, Maven, Spring, hibernate
  • Springboot 5,
  • Angular 6, typescript
  • NodeJs
  • Websocket
  • Junit
  • Xsd, xml, jaxB
  • Base de données DB2, Oracle, Postgres
  • Git flow.
  • Suite Atlassian : Bamboo, Bitbucket, Jira, Confluence.